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With XP booted up the 3com card was inserted, OS found card and installed drivers successfully, and card worked properly.

PST has purchased over a dozen different brands of the USB to Parallel port cables in an effort to find one that would be compatible with no success.We have not seen acceptable results from any other PCMCIA parallel port adapters.There are other cards on the market that are designed for printing support that will appear in Windows as USB Printers.Both cards work in very old Acer notebook (XP sp1).Device Manager shows no errors/conflicts but intermittently indicates ?!Note: PATA Adapters MCB and DOM are not compatible with v5 generation products such as Ultra Dock v5.For laptop computers, it has been found that using a PCMCIA, RS232 adapter worked in more cases than when using a USB adapter. The following USB adapters have been tested with our products and have been found to work properly in most cases..When installed, the Compact Flash card acts like a small disk, using the high throughput of the PCMCIA bus to make Compact Flash transfers a quick and painless procedure.Dell Latitude D600, XP Pro SP2 When inserting pcmcia card (single slot) machine locks up, no mouse or ctrl alt del. When 3com card is inserted machine locks up, no mouse or ctrl alt del, remove card and all is well.SATA and PATA adapters work on mac OS, Windows, and work great with backup and forensic imaging software.When used with a forensic (write-blocking) dock, all data transfer through SATA & PATA Adapters is write-blocked.

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