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The Learning and Instruction Department offers exciting and unique programs at the doctoral level.

Learning and instruction is the application of psychological principles and concepts to solve problems in educational and training settings.

Are you an education student who would like to advance to a leadership position or work directly on policy and directives that shape education? is focused on the development of educational environments and aims to train doctoral students with a broad and solid multidisciplinary foundation, to understand the problem of creating and implementing new learning systems combining different kinds of learning deliveries. D.) prepares education scholars and leaders for the 21st century. Students conduct cutting-edge studies that address the most pressing issues in education.

If so, an Ed D may be the best degree for your future. Click on ‘Read More’ to find out about each program and use the contact form to get more information about individual Ed D degrees. D.) prepares education scholars and leaders for the 21st century. Upon completion of the program, graduates can take positions as university faculty, senior-level educational leaders, and policymakers.

In South Africa, Ed Ds are awarded as (DEd), following the Latin conventions of academic degrees.

Ed Ds are not offered at every university, and some universities choose to issue only Ed Ds, only Ph Ds or both degrees.The Doctorate of Education degree is aimed at experienced educational professionals and sets out to place you at the leading edge of your professional field in terms of knowledge, awareness, and understanding.The Ed D is for those who are eager to make substantial and original contributions to the development of educational knowledge in a broad range of educational settings including K-12 schools, colleges, universities and governmental organizations.The Doctorate in Education Leadership offers participants the opportunity to undertake a general study of the theory and practice of educational leadership and management analyzing them in light of current research and professional experience....The program's primary focus is the preparation of leaders who are reflective professionals developing a vision and acquiring skills to reform, renew, and improve schools and school systems that cultivate democratic learning communities that value social justice and equity.Program Objective This Doctorate program is intended for persons who wish to gain a comprehensive and contemporary understanding in one of the specialisms offered or in a number of disciplines that inform educational theory and practice.It seeks to equip those who aspire to positions of leadership in fields such as teaching, teacher education, health sciences education, educational management, educational guidance and counseling, special education, arts education, school violence and aggression, and educational research, with an ability to participate effectively in the advancement of knowledge, the formation of policy, the promotion of innovation, and the improvement of practice.Using the latest technology to assist in instructional delivery and support, coursework focuses on learners and learning, instructional settings, research skills, and special education.There is also an option to obtain a Concentration in Special Education or a Concentration in Digital Technology for Teaching and Learning (nine credits)....Delivered through a blend of online interactions and real-world experiences, the Ed D program allows students to continue working full time while pursuing a degree that will distinguish them as organizational leaders.Students will explore how learning occurs in formal and informal workplace settings, examine effective strategies for facilitating organizational learning, and learn to create systems that produce more effective, adaptable and competitive organizations....

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