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And the caring, consensual use of discipline to enhance communication, deepen intimacy and reinforce relationship commitment.ADDS is where ALL varying styles of DD are brought together in ONE place! A Domestic Discipline Society® Domestic Discipline Community Homepage for Everything Domestic Discipline, Researching & learning Domestic Discipline.The focus of DD is relationship accountability & a tranquil household.My husband has been driving OTR now for a little over a year & we are not newly married. I absolutely DO resent my husband's lifestyle CHOICE! New the the trucking lifestyle as the girlfriend of a driver I am so mad it took me this long to find a site like this. Boyfriend leaving OTR in a month any adivce ladies? New trucker's girlfriend, pregnant with first child... Hi ladies, I'm sure my situation isn't unique, but I do need a sympathetic ear. How do I get over the sadness and emptiness I feel with him being gone? Me and my husband have very rarely been apart in our marriage and In April he was downsized from his job. Our relationship suddenly went into overdrive and we just recently got engaged. looking for trucker wives/girlfriends for TV documentary...I tried posting a comment in the "Resentment" thread but was kicked out because it said I entered the wrong word 3 times. Need advice on how to be a supportive truckers wife! He recently had an affair and to make a long story short, we are both committed to working things out. :) My man recently got offered a job that will pay his CDL training and he will leave OTR the day after Thanksgiving. 3 years two year old twin boys and still waiting... My boyfriend David left AZ about two months ago to work for Stevens, he is still training, making 318 a week doing dumb … My boyfriend and i have only been together officially for six months. He's not even gone yet and im heartbroken already He doesn't leave for another week or two and I'm already sad and crying my eyes out! I would love to chat with some dynamic trucker wives and/or girlfriends of truckers. new to this lifestyle and i've heard so many stories about what goes on in truck stops that i'm a bit …

You will find great comfort in knowing that your in a warm positive environment.We are just getting started in about to weeks with Swift. Are there any fellow truckers out there that work in the same company as my Fiance? EX farmers and VERY NEW to trucking, HELP dont know what to do!Just want to know if there are any Truck Drivers that work in the same trucking company as my Fiance and if you may even know him. Hi My husband has just completed the basic training for the SHNEIDER trucking company. I know I Got to Tighten Up - Newbie Truckers wife Not rated yet Hello everyone :) my name is Jennifer and my husband just started driving.I'm glad I found this site, iv found a lot of good information. Mrs matthews new trucker wife he's been gone a week! I know he is doing it to take care of our family, me and 1 yr old daughter. New truckers wife (since 2007) of an o/o trucker alone at night... Need to talk with those that travel with their husbands on the OTR jobs! And we talk everyday on Instant Messanger or phone. I'm worried because I haven't heard from him in 9 days! Casting Television Show about Trucker Wives New television series looking for truck driver families willing to share their lives with us.I would like to have some pros and cons from the wives that go with husbands. We are looking for families dealing with the real life issues …Not rated yet Now the other issues I'm having that I'm having a hard time dealing myself have none yet but we have talked about it. How do other truckers wives deal I'm about to bail!Click below to see contributions from other visitors to this page...New Trucker Wife, Need SPECIFIC tips for surviving My husband started training last week about 1,000 miles from our home. New Found Appreciation For the Relationship I Have I am married to a OTR trucker. The past couple of weeks I have had some real separation issues. My husband was targeted in Opelika Alabama to be robbed. My husband had layover in Alabama and is to trusting and thought he made a friend. I am very much in love with him and when he leaves I have a very clean house, no duty dishes which he dirtiest about …(It may get just a little wild but relax, it's all love) Jennifer, Marni, and Becky are some of the regular ladies here in the truckers wives chat room and they will make you feel at home.She will be trying to make it in at that time to see if any of you are there at which time you can discuss another time to meet or you can stay and chat, that's completely up to you.

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