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The prices for some items can be absurdly high, depending on how rare the item is and how much money collectors are willing to shell out.The Vatican Secret Archives is one of the grandest historical collections in the world. It includes gems like the papal bull that excommunicated Martin Luther and the pleas for help that Mary Queen of Scots sent to Pope Sixtus V before her execution.Of course, the rise of the internet has proven there is a breaking point, as many anime licensees have found out: expecting people to pay for a good seventy-five minutes of entertainment that can easily be distributed online may soon put you out of business.As these hobbies become more mainstream, the prices will often fall.OCR can’t tell where one letter stops and another starts, and therefore doesn’t know how many letters there are.The result is a computational deadlock, sometimes referred to as Sayre’s paradox: OCR software needs to segment a word into individual letters before it can recognize them, but in handwritten texts with connected letters, the software needs to recognize the letters in order to segment them. Some computer scientists have tried to get around this problem by developing OCR to recognize whole words instead of letters.

Perhaps because they feel that they don't reach a wide audience, makers of so-called "geek" paraphernalia charge a pretty penny for their wares.

Obviously, this trope doesn't just apply to "geek" culture.

People can be obsessed with collecting just about , ranging from guns to sports memorabilia to classic cars and everything in between.

In fact, you need several images of each, to account for quirks in handwriting or bad lighting and other variables. In Codice Ratio sidesteps these problems through a new approach to handwritten OCR.

The four main scientists behind the project—Paolo Merialdo, Donatella Firmani, and Elena Nieddu at Roma Tre University, and Marco Maiorino at the VSA—skirt Sayre’s paradox with an innovation called jigsaw segmentation.

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