Consolidating travel

The estimated benefits exceed the requirement per FAR 7.107-2(d)(2) of 5 percent of the estimated contract value, if the value exceeds million.

This consolidated TO would provide a wide-range of mission-essential intelligence analysis, production, operations, planning, engagement, and assessment support services to the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) and United States European Command (EUCOM) located in Stuttgart, Germany and at Royal Air Force (RAF) Molesworth, United Kingdom.

At the present time, Region 7 does not have the necessary staff to acquire this project support using a non-consolidated approach, which would negatively impact mission support.

In addition to the quantified cost savings, GSA Region 7’s users will benefit from decreased procurement lead times, an expedited ordering process, reduced project completion delay risk, and increased customer satisfaction through expedited delivery by use of a streamlined ordering process.

Consolidation of the requirements will result in substantial cost savings benefits estimated at 4.1 percent.

The benefits fall below the requirement per FAR 7.107­2(d)(2) of 10 percent of the estimated contract value for contracts below million.

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