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So let’s start at the start, it’s a very good place to start.I remember the first time I set eyes on Charlotte Latham- the person who up until that point had just been a name attached to funky resin polka dots on canvas.We all had to wear black in the gallery but Charlotte could not supress her love of colour and each day she would add in some cheeky little coloured beads, a belt and shoes- all matching of course.I remember being in awe of her shoe collection- surely enough to rival Imelda Marcos- as there seemed to be a new pair for every day.She was the first person to laugh with me and the first to cry with me, although we had far more laughter than tears.

I have to admit I can’t lay claim to Moon Monkey or Naughty Squirrel- Charlotte invented those and called me those many times but I reckoned they worked equally well for her and they kind of stuck.

I loved being able to skip into the office on a Monday morning when I had sold one of her paintings on the weekend.

And of course we all became very good at chasing off pesky art students who would always be coming in trying to sneakily take some photos of her work.

They had gotten into the crate of geisha dolls and decorated the bridge with them.

Zoe walked out in fits of giggles and Jayne found the whole scene un-nerving.-- Simply Serenity: Those Damn Geisha Dolls Part 2 by elk GENERAL DISCUSSIONS - ANONYMOUS1 Thursday, May 17, 2018 AM - 2 posts (0 today) Wizard World Philadelphia Comic Con CSTS event Saturday May 19, 2018.

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