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Vic I did try a simple voltage application which produced no movment .1.3v and then 2.6v but I'm not sure when I did it that I made good connection or that 2.6v would be enough.

After I complained on their Facebook page again they finally took action.

Not sure how easy it is to remove the belt drivewheel to remove the motor. The motor used to spin the Lidar turret is powered by 5vdc and is about half as high as the wheel drive motor.

It requires a PWM signal to maintain the proper rpm.

Commands listed at Neato's website will test the Lidar and return all the scan data.

In a quiet room you can hear the drum spinning or view it through the turret openings.

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  1. If you observe them, you’re scoring extra points, but nothing bad will happen if you get it wrong. So just put on a big smile, enjoy the hospitality and — drink up whatever they give you.

  2. They also hated the fuck out of each other, yelled at each other, and threw things at each other’s heads occasionally. She only knew how to run away, confront, investigate, build her case. I was part of the problem, somehow, when I asked for help.