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And she’s getting exclusive interviews from celebs as well. He appears to now fully embrace his identity as a social canvas, a place for people to work through (or reinforce) their views on race, nationality, gender and sexuality.Tonya, of Tonya TKO, has continued to do what she does best: talking about her life and about “life” more broadly, in long, sparsely edited vlogs. She has a warm, best friend personality that every talk show personality needs (epitomized, of course, by Oprah).Gay (male) performers like Michael Buckley and Chris Crocker are also enormously popular.Among black performers, while less represented in the very top (aside from musicians Soulja Boy and David Sides), numerous comedians, from Imon Crosson, Asa Thibodaux, Bryan Oji, and David Spates, have racked up millions of views with sketch comedy and pop culture criticism.She’s maintaining that audience and even doing some new things. A postmodern, postcolonial black minstrel known for exaggerating black stereotypes and a self-professed “Intellectual Chameleon” and “Internet Phenomenon,” he nonetheless seems to be focusing less of ridiculous histrionics and instead on his music and losing weight in 2010. Pregnant has managed to grow his audience to around 40,000, up about 40% from when I interviewed him, but probably down from where he could’ve been before You Tube shut down his channel awhile ago.Recently she got a major scoop and outed a professional football player, Ovie Mughelli, publishing documents on her blog from his jilted ex-lover to prove his story right. He’s done something very interesting with his website, changing it from a home for his music and videos to a forum page for fans and user rants.That said, other women of color, like Christine Gambito (Happy Slip) and Michelle Phan (beauty) and to a lesser extent Alexis K Tylor, do rather well for themselves.Here’s a look at how some of the vloggers I interviewed in 2008 are doing: Without a doubt, the You Tuber I was most surprised by was Alonzo Lerone, who, when I interviewed him back in 2008, was posting about personal, serious issues and looking for a way to broaden his fan base.

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But if people are so concerned about what I do then they can follow the instructions on my page on how to find out.Barrett (Barrett TV) is a sketch comedian, who, while still far from Alphacat levels, has managed to maintain a slowly growing audience of now 7,000 people.Barrett mixes sketches, spoofs and antics (his latest is a quest to be on the Wendy Williams Show), with the occasional vlog about various social issues.I suppose his blog initially gained attention for various videos of him dancing shirtless, which, if you watch them, you can see why they’re popular.“I’m a little bit of an exhibitionist,” he acknowledged in our interview.“I’m just a firm believer in the principle that if you have the voice and opportunity to speak on it, use it, especially if its a social issue that pertains to you and others you know,” she told me.When I interviewed her, she was already doing quite well, with a fairly popular blog and around 15,000 subscribers.Still, there are a lot of talented people of color who don’t quite break through — disproportionately, it seems, these vloggers are women.Years ago, Token Black Chic appeared poised to enter the site’s highest tier, but she has largely stopped posting.His goal was “not to be famous, but to be helping the most people out that I can.” Now he has over 28,000 followers. It seems he made a very astute shift to pop culture commentary, specifically, music video and TV reviews.These reviews make up the bulk of his popular videos, many of them million-viewers hits, including a remake of a Beyonce song, done in drag.

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