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Good history helps you get approved for new loans without a hassle. DCU knows how to take care of their customers and in rewarding them.This is the second time DCU has provided be with a second change at demostrating my ability to prove I can better manage credit since my bankruptcy a few years ago. I wanted to have a card where I could use it for all my expenses for the month then demostrate that I could pay off the card when due.Please refer to Details and Rates tabs for additional information and important disclosures.For more information refer to DCU's VISA Credit Card Agreement and Federal Truth-in-Lending Disclosure Statement.Go to the full Discretionary Overdraft Privilege Policy Important Information: Check 21 – Legislation is now in place to allow your check to be replaced in the check process by an electronic check.This is designed to improve efficiency in faster check clearing, decrease fraud and increase security.Every other company would only approve me for a secured card. And with the DCU card I was approved for a higher limit with a lower interest rate than all the others.

Like many ostensible anti-trafficking efforts, this will do very little to actually affect human trafficking.

Checks may clear within one or two days, so make sure funds are on deposit before writing.

Should you need a copy of a check, it may be a reproduction of the electronic check, known as a “substitute check.” This form will maintain the legal equivalence of the original check.

Check with Educators or your employer’s benefits department.

If you opened an account after 1/1/2010 and are not signed up for e Statements, your account is subject to a monthly fee.

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