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We will take an in-depth look at these types of scans in our next post.

A scan can give some indication of some foetal abnormalities.

Up to 50% of women are uncertain of their dates, or have an irregular cycle, or have just stopped the oral contraceptive pill (OCP), or are lactating or did not have a normal last period.

Enquire when the women had her first positive pregnancy test (which may be positive 3 days before the missed period).” HSE, National Guideline The benefits of getting your conception dated is that it enables you to have some idea of when to expect your baby so that you can make plans both medical and otherwise for his or her arrival.

after 12 weeks or so babies start to grow at different rates. They all start at the same point, and they all finish the race, some just 'get there' faster. Based on ovulation I knew I wasn't that far along.1st ultrasound, showed gest sack measuring 6.6 weeks, no hb due date Jan 26. That I prob have a boy who will catch up by 12 weeks.

So your first ultrasound, typically around 8w for dating is the most accurate. 2nd ultrasound, 1 week later, baby measured 6.2 weeks which gave me due date of Feb 4th. Said most accurate dating ultrasound is at 12 weeks. Ultrasound showed baby measuring 12 weeks 1 day with due date at Jan 29 th.

My EDD was changed accordingly.”“I was pretty sure of my dates but was delighted when at my 16 week booking appointment my scan moved me up a week but in hindsight, when I went to 41 weeks and was facing induction, I wish I had known to keep my EDD as it was.” Sometimes, scans are used to check if your pregnancy is progressing normally with a healthy baby or to diagnose a miscarriage, stillbirth, or threatened miscarriage.

Are there other ways of dating a pregnancy when you are unsure of your dates?

A skilled midwife will be able to tell within a couple of weeks when you are more or less due from 12 weeks.

I only had one period and did not get a positive pregnancy test until 2 weeks after my period was due.

I had an early booking scan which showed that I was about 16 days behind the date I would have been given going by a last period.

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